Thursday, October 14, 2010

When God Stops Running

I loved the books by Tommy Tenney that talked about "following hard" after God.  They started me on a journey into His heart from which I have never returned.

Somewhere along that journey, I realized that sometimes I run out of steam.  Sometimes I can't follow hard.  Sometimes I stop believing.

And then I found out something amazing.  He stops moving.

Imagine running beside Jesus, through a mighty wind and rain.  You are both dressed in battle gear, ready for war.  Ready for the War on Religion.  Ready for the Love War.  And you lose strength.  He does not run ahead of you though, but stops.  Turns.  Lifts you by the shoulders.

He looks into your eyes and all you can see is peace.  Peace in the storm.  And you realize that He is not in a rush at all.  He will wait there, seeing right into your soul, right into your very core, for as long as it takes.


1 comment:

  1. Which is one of the main differences between our Lover of our Souls and gods of other religions, right?

    They say, "What can you do for me?", "Why aren't you trying more?" and "How do you think you can ask that of me?"

    Jesus says, "I know how hard it can be, I was there too.", "I love you so much - I will wait with you till you catch your breath." and "Ask anything you want of Me."

    Such truth Jan ... I might need to borrow those books. :)