Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Good, His Best

There was a common phrase floating around in the 1990's and it echos still, from time to time, among friends and Christian acquaintances, normally met with nodding heads and renewed resolutions to apply its truth to our everyday lives and decision making.

The phrase is, simply, "Our good is the enemy of God's best."

I wonder though, if we have really thought about the implication of this statement.  I always nodded my head as well, agreeing that I should hold out for what God had for me and not push my way or what I wanted.  I believed (and still do) that He has a view that far surpasses mine, and I would do well to just wait for His good and perfect will to come about in my life.

As I was pondering this question and, in fact, explaining it to two of my children, I realized that I had not paid enough attention to the word "enemy" in this statement.  As I went over the meaning of the words and how they might affect our lives and decisions, I realized, the good things that we go ahead and work out for ourselves instead of waiting for Him are not just a distraction or a meaningless alternative, they are actually fighting against that which He would have for us.  Our plans and choices that we make outside of Him ~ independently from Him ~ because we are tired of waiting or just plain don't trust Him; they are the enemy of His perfect will in our lives.

Our good is not just an inferior choice to waiting for His best.  Our "good" opposes His best.  It is simply another way in which our insidious independence holds us back from the glory that He is constantly inviting us into.

And once again, as I ponder this truth, I realize that the only answer to this problem ~ the only way that we can stop insisting on barreling forward and pressing our will upon Him ~ is if we will learn to trust Him.  And we can only do that when we know how deeply and immeasurably we are loved.



  1. I like the picture you picked. Like you say, it's more than butting heads. It is the warring against something that is pure and for us 100%, but not knowing that we are pushing and moving Papa's plan for us out of the center of our lives.

    I really struggle with the thought, when people say that God didn't make us morons, so we don't have to ask him about everything.

    But why not? When you are in relationship with someone, you ask then their opinion, what they want to do and how they feel about things in your life. Why then, is it different when it comes to Him?

    Thanks Jan ....

  2. Thanks, Shawna, and yes I agree wholeheartedly. I think what you are talking about here has to do with the "abiding" that Jesus invites us into and which He exemplified in His own life...