Friday, February 27, 2009

Running the Race

Last night, a group of us were sharing, among other things, about the concept of running this race in such a way that we might win the prize, not looking to the left or the right.

Sometimes this "looking to the left or the right" can be when we compare ourselves to others, criticize one another, or constantly compete with one another. I believe equally as detrimental is when we look to the right and to the left for our salvation. This message seems to have been capitalized, emphasized, and screamed LOUD in our ears throughout this season of faith!

Our help comes from only One (look at Psalm 121.) He desires to use those around us but His influence, direction, protection, and purpose are not dependent upon fallible humans around us! He is the faithful One Who will not fail us. According to Paul's words to the Ephesians (chapter 4), it is as we are unified in our faith in the One who is the Head of the Church that we become transformed into His likeness. Eyes set like flint on the Truth. No looking for a more tangible, seemingly easier way. No more compromise! Following hard after the One who follows even harder after us.

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  1. I read yesterday, that having the veil of the flesh revealed to us - the veils of the flesh cover The Light (Papa, the prize) ahead on our path - is the same as repenting for that fleshly attitude. That, in the 'seeing' of each veil, Papa is revealing an area in us that needs correcting. By surrendering ourselves, He can show us these areas.

    I see that there can be so many places where we tend to shift our gaze. That as the race is run or the pilgrimage walked, there are so many places where we can turn and just get stuck on an idol.

    Thank you Father, that You are looking after us! That you do not slumber and You will not let our feet slip!

    Take heart, my brothers and sisters for the following quote sums up how our Almighty God looks at us ....

    "...He sees progress even in our small steps. I am convinced God thoroughly relishes every hint of maturity even if we feel as if we're not making progress." - Beth Moore

    Continue to move ahead, looking straight ahead!